Wild Desert Flowers Red - Vanessa Inkamala WDFR


By Vanessa Inkamala 

100% cotton Australian indigenous themed fabric.

Central Australia is known for its harsh landscape, but during years of good rain the desert can erupt in a display of colour stretching for miles. There is nothing like landscape full of flowers and the view that you get in Central Australia is huge and spectacular with the blossoms of these wild desert flowers. Each year the Alice Springs desert parks act as the mirror of these wild desert flowers and also help in planting a wide range of native and new seeds gathered from the blossom of the desert flowers left outs. These flowers will be found during the winter months of the year and giving a spectacular vision for the travellers during the tourist season. But, catching a true wildflower event in the bush can be a difficult thing. The plants rely on good rain at the right time. Generally these wildflowers are found in the month of May during the autumn season in Alice Springs.

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